taieresc frëic

Cold dishes

Taier de ciajuei

Taier mé ciociul y ciajuel

Mixed cheese platter

Speck and cheese on a chopping board

Taier de ciociul

Speck on a chopping board

Taier da Mont

Mixed cold plate

Salata mescededa cun tonno y uef

Mixed salad with egg and tuna

maië tipich

Traditional local dishes

Doi bales, una de ciajuel y una de urties


Two kind of dumplings (cheese and stinging nettle) with Parmesan cheese and melted butter

Half moon tortelli with spinach stuffing, served with Parmesan cheese and melted butter

Fettuccine cun fonc

Thin tagliatelle with mushrooms

Grosti y craut

Fried potatoes pastry with Sauerkraut

Cotlëtes d’aniel

Grilled lamb chops with side dish

"Steak" de armënt

Luech da Larciunëi - taier per 2 persones, cërn cun velch leprò

Fillet of beef with rocket, potatoe baked in foil and grilled vegetables

For 2 persons, meat with slide orders


Da apusté dan ora – made be ordered

Cuessa de aniel dl Luech da Larciunëi cun velch leprò (2,2 – 3,5 kg – da 2-4 persones)



Jopa de verdura (me jopa)

- cun liania

Jopa de golasc (me jopa cun pan)

- cun liania

Vegetable soup

- with "Frankfurter" sausage

Goulash soup with bread

- with "Frankfurter" sausage

Jopa cun amlec taiei su fins

Consommé with crêpe ribbons

Taieresc ciauc

Warm dishes

Pezi – “fettuccine” cun fonc

Thin tagliatelle with mushrooms


- cun liania

- fonc

- ciajuel

Snizel de vadel "Wiener" cun velch leprò

Wienerschnitzel of veal with side dish

Liania prateda cun velch leprò


- with sausage

- with mushrooms

- with cheese

Fried sausage with side dish

Liania "Würstel" cun velch leprò

"Frankfurter" sausage with side dish


Da crì ora leprò – Side orders to choose


Salata mescededa


mixed salad

Patac „Pommes“

Patac arestii

french fries

Fried potatoes


rolls and sandwiches

Seml cun cociul

"Würstel" cun pan

Speck roll

"Frankfurter" sausage with bread roll

Liania prateda cun pan o tl pan


Sausage and a roll

Roba dëucia


Strudel da mëiles

Pitla tëurta de ciculata ciauda

Apple "Strudel"

Chocolate tarts with warm chocolate heart

Tëurta de farina de furmenton con sulza de granëtes

+ cun brama

"Buckwheat" (cake) with cranberry jam

with cream

+ cun donco de vanilia

with vanilla sauce



9 - 17 h


 Ciavaz, 39048 Selva di Val Gardena BZ